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Flight training is a significant financial and personal commitment. To help you achieve your goals as a professional pilot, Quantum has established working relationships with several financing companies. Quantum students are eligible for various types of loans and financial aid, most of which offer deferred repayment of up to 6 months after graduation.  To submit an application, you may click a link on the left to proceed directly to the application. 

If you are not sure which loan is best for you, we can help you identify the financing program that best fits your needs.  Call us at (480) 814-8118 to discuss your options and to receive hints for submitting a successful application.




VA logoFinancial Assistance for Veterans (GI Bill)
In order for students to receive benefits from the GI Bill, a school must not only conduct flight training under FAA-Approved, Part 141, but must also be approved by the Federal Department of the Veteran's Affairs (VA).  Quantum Helicopters has been approved to accept funding through the VA for over a decade. 

POST 9/11 GI BILL - Option I: Qualified veterans may receive up to 100% financing for the Career Pilot Program.  This program requires that you be concurrently enrolled with Chandler Gilbert Community

College in the Airway Science Technology-Helicopter Program.

POST 9/11 GI BILL - Option II:  Qualified veterans may receive up to 10K/year for any training excluding the Private Pilot Certificate.  This program does not require that you be concurrently enrolled with Chandler Gilbert Community College.

MONTGOMERY GI BILL:  Qualified veterans may receive up to 60% financing for costs incurred beyond the Private Pilot Certificate.  This program does not require that you be concurrently enrolled

with Chandler Gilbert Community College.

Our VA administrator will work closely with you to determine your eligibility as well as help you file the necessary paperwork.  For more information please contact us at (480) 814-8118 and/or visit www.gibill.va.gov.


Workforce Investment Act Assistance
Quantum Helicopters is also approved to receive Workforce Investment Act (WIA) money. To determine your eligibility, see www.arizonaworkforceconnection.com. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a WIA representative to discuss your prospects.



Whirly-Girls logoScholarships for Female Pilots
Certain scholarships for advanced training and continuing education are available to female helicopter pilots through Whirly-Girls, an international organization of women helicopter pilots. See www.whirlygirls.org for more information and eligibility requirements. The Ninety-Nines also offers scholarships to female pilots. See www.ninety-nines.org to learn more.

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